by going2beat21

not-use-your-brainThere I am in the middle of the night back counting some blackjack tables. I’m down but its seems to be any ordinary night at this casino.

I go into this pit with some higher limits and start back counting. After awhile a sharp pit boss takes notice that I am hovering in the background. I can hear him say to the other pit boss this guy is standing in the the background a lot. They are both staring right at me. They call up to surveillance and the sharp pit boss goes to a security guy next to the pit and starts talking to him and they are both looking at me now. Heat is on and I’m on fire. I go to the other far side of the pit to verify I am correct. They are still looking right at me.

I leave the casino and come back later, next shift, since I was kind of stuck in the area anyways. I play for a few more hours then as I’m back counting a table I see on the other side of the pit the phone rings. The pit boss answers it and then looks right at me. Red flags go up. I’m about to get burnt. He hangs up and rushes over to me.

Pit Boss: Sir do you have a players card?
Me: No

I am still several feet away from the table. I have already said before I don’t have a players card and I have never seen them ask for a players card if you aren’t at the table so it was clear what was about to happen.

Pit Boss: Can I see your ID?
Me: No

Keep in mind they check ID at the door so they know I am legal age. I start to walk away toward the exit


This casino is known to skip a backoff and go straight to a trespass so I keep on walking. And the pit boss is following me! Walking down the pit in the same direction still yelling, “Sir! I need to see your ID! Come back here!”

I stuff all my chips in my pocket as I am heading for the exit and they have another pit boss waiting for me.

Pit Boss2: I need to see your ID.
Me: No
Pit Boss2: [to the security guy at the door] We need to see his ID.

The poor security guy looks confused, unsure what to do. Several police officers about 20 feet away. I keep on walking out the door. I get out of the casino and am walking away from the casino. I think it is all over.

All of a sudden here come the police! Apparently looking for me cause I’m such a bad guy trying to take the casinos money. They drive past me then they turn around drive by me again and point at me. They circle around a couple more times. I think they are going to get out of their car and harass me more, but then they head back to the casino. An intimidation tactic I suppose lol. Well unfortunately for them it didn’t work because I have been back to this casino since this incident without any heat. I look forward to crushing them in the future.

Special thx to the BJA member who cashed out my chips for me.


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