by “cole11”

My first love of course is blackjack. And thanks so much to this site, I’ve learned how to really push myself and improve my game so much from Ben, Colin, and the various professionals on the forum.

One thing I get a lot of though, (and something we’ve all probably delt with) is people worrying at first when they find out what I can do, they second guess playing any additional card games with me. Fortunately all I have to do is explain how there is no way I can do it with poker, and all ends up being fine.
Over the holidays I ended up having a great poker night with some new family my mother had actually married into. They were killing me for a long time in all various versions of poker, from 5 card stud, draw, texas hold em, queens wild, you name it we played it.

When it finally got to me I finally went ahead and said, “how about we play a couple shoes of blackjack, (real quick all we were doing was playing a change game.) Knowing how card counting works and the rule of large numbers I knew just counting could very well not work at this moment. So I decided to change out an extra few bucks, and decided to be the dealer. Now I know I’m playing with an advantage over about 5 people over the course of three to four singledeck games, I now believe I’m starting to really get the advantage here, (especially seeing as how none of them really know basic strategy.) In a nut shell I was able to come back to about even from what I lost in poker, (seeing as how I had one heck of a learning curve, because all I knew was hold em.) It was a great experience, because I was able to get a crash course of how a 51% or more advantage can really pay off over the long run.

I’ve been playing a little here and there over the last couple months, seeing as how I am now fairly confident with me game. I’ve made about 140 bucks, but not bad seeing as how I’ve only got about an 8 dollar an hour EV! But I do know I’m building something and growing my bankroll. I do plan on making some decent extra income by the end of the year. I really do just want to take a sec. to thank everyone involved in this site for giving me the opportunity to learn such a profitable skill, and being so great in being willing to always give, and post such great advice on this site. I know it’s a couple days late, but happy new year everyone! Happy counting to you all!

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