Heat? Or all in my head…


by hail2pitt

Was playing tonight and it started off with an interesting feel. Wonged into a shoe and got change for blacks. Pit boss comes over and asks if I’m using a players card and I say no. He instantly goes over to the phone, says I bought in for x and continued to watch. Count dropped after a couple hands and I didn’t want to stick around that pit, so I left.

Next table I go to, I wong in once again, this time with all greens so not to stop play. As soon as I start, another pit boss comes over and stands off to my left, meanwhile 2 other pit bosses are now watching as well. The count hovers between 1 and 2 and since I don’t ramp my bet until 3, I didn’t spread. Towards the last couple hands of the shoe they disappear and the count jumps, max bets out, and make some decent ev. Things seemed odd so I went to go grab a drink.

Now, the part that I’m not sure of and am wondering what you all think of is, as I return (after new shoe has started, I’m just there talking with some of the other players about where they’re from, etc.) I see a pit boss with a note pad away from the table writing something, then after a minute or so, he comes over to the table and looks at the monitor and continues to write. They didn’t stop play, so I know he wasn’t counting chips. I thought it was strange so I’m tempted to leave. As I turn around, I see the pit boss that was standing to my left in another pit looking at me while talking to another pit boss, then quickly looks away.

Any ideas what he may have been writing, and if you think that’s heat or if I’m just being paranoid?

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