Good time to bail?


by “PokerPro04”

I was playing a shoe game with intentions on spreading up to 2×1000. I get to the casino, sit down, buy in for 1500 (actually colored down three purple) and put out 2×25. I’m playing with two other players. After about three deals it hits true 1. I bet 2×200. Dealer mutters “black action”, no one cares. Back to 2×25. Couple hands later, true 1 again for a few hands, then true 2, bet 2×400, nothing is called. It gets up to a true 3 for the last hand of this six deck shoe, bet 2×600. Then I get what I would consider a semi-dream scenario (vs 4 5 or 6 would be dream).

Get 99 and 77 vs dealer 3. Split my 9s, pull a 2 on each 9 and double both, split my 7s and pull a face and a 3, double down, dealer pulls a soft 17 and has to stand. My 99 hands push as I pulled a face and another 2, my hard 17 pushes, but I win my double down 7/3/face. So all in all I win 1200 for the hand and 2300 for the shoe. The pit boss glances over (dealer never called out any of this big action) and sees all of this splitting and doubling and 600$ bets ($5400 in total after being paid sitting out in 9 piles of $600) and immediately picks up the phone, which is literally right in front of me in the pit.

Super super obvious, and he did it very very quickly. I decided I should bail and fast. This is about my 4th session at this casino, the last being 30days ago. Ive taken them for about $25,000 thus far. As I was rushing to the doors, walking past the cashier cage, the pb that telephoned me is watching me walk out, and then the phone rings back, a different pit boss answers, and then calls out for the first pb that originally called surveillance to come to the phone. WAS THIS A GOOD TIME FOR ME TO LEAVE? I knew that the bigs eyes up above were going to be staring from the moment the pit boss called me in…..

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