Beating the Single Deck Shuffle Heat


by Joe748

joeBJAbwI’ve been playing in a city that is notoriously sweaty with a lot of single deck. Some of them have a 5x original bet rule that will trigger a shuffle. SO in order to make this work in our favor I tried something out tonight that might help some of you guys work around it. Heres what I did:

Single Deck 3:2, Double Any two cards, Table Limit $5-$500

True <-1: Sit out
True 0: 2x$75
True > 1: 2x$100
True > 2 and above : 2x$375 (5x $75)

Now here’s the nice part. Anytime the count goes negative you can trigger a shuffle in YOUR favor by acting like you will bet more than 5x your previous bet. For example, dealer shuffles, we start a new deck, first round comes out and it’s a running -2. I put out two spots of $400 or more (which is over the 5x previous bet limit) and it triggers a shuffle. It’s a way to make the dealer drop the deck anytime you want and always be playing at a positive situation (except for the beginning of the round of course when it’s 0). I did this and the dealer looked at me and said I think you’ve done it. I said “oh my god I think I did do it.” He said, “You just figured it out, figured out a way around that stupid bulls____t rule, I was a player once too I know 😉 ”

Try it out, can’t guarantee how long it will last before they catch on but it’s definitely a way to get around that pesky 5x previous bet rule on the single deck games.

DISCLAIMER: Put your bet spread in CVCX make sure your bankroll can tolerate a larger bet at 0 before trying the technique.


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