Always Pay Attention


by “PokerPro04”

So I’m playing blackjack, sitting there with all these numbers running through my head: running count, true count, next bet, etc. I get a 19 vs dealer 6. The count is at 0 so it’s a min bet. Dealer goes 6, 3 2 5. At this point, he is clearly not good with addition, as he is slow to pull any more cards. He takes one more, an Ace, hesitates and says very softly “16” he pulls another card, a 5, says 21 and instantly scoops my bet and the cards.

I’m there, with all these numbers going through my head, but I am very positive he had 17 and took another card. I tell him, hey I think you had 17. He says, “I had 16 then drew a 5 to make 21”

No. I’m pretty sure you had 17 and drew and extra card to bust.
Him- “well if that ace did make me 17 it would have been soft”…. (LoL)

So i ask him to call the PB over. He does and tell the PB “this guy is disagreeing with me on what I had last hand. He says he should have won” (hell yeah I should have won)

PB phones in to surveillance (I’m mildly regretting) and sure enough he made a HARD 17 and I won the hand. I was returned my bet plus my winnings.

When you’re out there playing, always pay attention to what is going on. If I weren’t in this moment, I would have just given up 2 units. Stay sharp!

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