I recently got this letter from one of our members… I totally dig your thought on investing rather than gambling. I am just in the middle of memorizing the charts, but as you know life in your 30’s is busy.  I really want to make some cash from this, I know it is not quick and easy and that is why I chose your site and expertise.  If you have any advice to pass on like, when you know you are ready. When the first time you visit a casino is and so on, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the inspiration.(Name removed)

First of all, thanks for the letter. Investing is smart; gambling is stupid. If you have been on this website and you have not figured that out than you have not been paying attention…but back to the email. As far as how to know when you are ready? As always, I am going to give some cop out answer like: There is no “one answer.” However, I will go a step further and give you 3 things to help you know that you are ready and 3 things that show that you are not ready to go to the casino. Here they are…

How to know you are ready to go to the casino:

  1. You are stunted in your learning curve. This means you already know basic strategy and understand AND have practiced counting and you want a more real life training scenario.
  2. You have some money that you can afford to spend on training. That’s right..I said SPEND! While you are training you should NOT EXPECT TO MAKE MONEY. It is seen as an investment expense. If you can not afford it at this time do not go into a casino.
  3. You are ready to follow up casino sessions with homework. What’s the point of finding the holes in your game if you’re not going to fix them? Don’t kid yourself in thinking that you want to be a card counter if you’re not willing to put the work into learning it.

How to know that you are NOT ready to go to the casino:

  1. You care more about how much you win and lose vs how much you learned. Just in case you did not hear me the first time: you should NOT expect to win money.
  2. You have not learned everything that you can for free. How well do you know basic? 99%? Forget it! Stay home till you know it 110%. This is the biggest mistake everyone makes.
  3. I’m sick of typing so just read # 1 & 2 over again.