Bankroll Coaching

Bankroll Coaching is designed to find your optimum betting strategy.

You have watched the videos and you know how to count, play basic strategy and deviate.  You are a whiz at calculating the True Count and you are ready to conquer the tables.

Inevitably your next question is “How do I know what to bet?”

How much you bet at the table at any given session playing any given game depends entirely on your personal variables such as:

1.  The size of your bankroll

2. Your risk tolerance

3. How much money you want to make per hour

4. What type of rules your casino offers

5.  And more…


BANKROLL COACHING:  We want to help you find your optimal betting strategy.  We will walk you through your specific situation, including bankroll size, risk tolerance, available games, desired $ per hour, and much more.  After the consultation you will receive a personal betting strategy created by us for you tailored to your needs.

INCLUDES: a phone consultation, and personalized bankroll analysis and betting strategy report.