29 Minute Card counting Book

29 Minute Card Counting Book

“Learn the Fundamentals of Card Counting from the Pros in 30 Minutes “


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“Where is the Source Page?” – Stanford Wong (Our Hero)

“No Fluff. Attractive and very well put together.” – Ken Smith (Blackjack Tournament Guru from BlackjackInfo.com)

There are a million card counting books out there. Some of them are good, many of them are worthless.  Many people come to us who have ready some really poor advice from books on Card Counting. Even if you get a good one, you could spend countless hours pouring over chart after chart of data without getting a proper grasp on the What/How/Why of card counting. We’ve read the books for you, we’ve played thousands of hours and mastered the skill of training people how to beat blackjack from the ground up. We believe this is the best starting point for anyone interested in card counting as a hobby, an investment, or as a profession.


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The first question that I am always asked and have even asked myself about card counting is, who can do it? Or who should do it? There are really two types of people that come to mind:

Someone who wants to do it for money – This is someone who likes the idea of winning cash, whether as entertainment or to pay the bills. Either way, their primary motivation is to see the numbers in their bank account grow.

Someone who is doing it for fun – I have run into so many card counters for whom money is not the primary motivation. These people like learning a system that works, beating a game, beating the casino or being a part of an underground movement or club.

For myself, I can say that I have crossed back and forth between these two motivations many times. When I first picked up a book on how to count cards, I did it because I thought it would be a fun hobby. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that one day I could actually pay the bills with it. Now it does pay my bills… but it is also fun. The second it stops fulfilling both of these things for me is the day that I will stop teaching and playing blackjack.

My guess is that as you are reading this you fall somewhere between these two categories. Not only is this okay, but I think that this is required. In one sense there is no wrong motivation to learn. Although there are different reasons to learn blackjack there is only one way to learn it and that way is Hard Work. In order to beat the game of blackjack you have to be willing to learn and submit to a mathematical system that many have failed at. In fact, so many have failed that as a net result, card counting has benefited casinos. At this point you should be asking yourself, “Am I this type of person? Do I have the ability and discipline to learn and implement a system in its entirety? Am I the type of person who is prone to quit? Am I the type of person who is prone to learn 99 percent of something and start coasting?” If so, I would suggest that you end your blackjack career before it begins. Save the time, save the money and learn something that requires a lot less of a commitment. Gamblers, get-rich-quick pyramid builders, trend riders and weekend enthusiasts…GET OUT!!!

But, if you are the type of person who is not here to just call themselves a “card counter” but who actually wants to count cards; if you are the type of person who is willing to do whatever it takes, no matter how long it takes to arrive at a place where you can do what 99.99 percent of the casino population cannot– then we are willing to take you there.

Card counting works. We are not here to prove how awesome we are. We are not here to promise you millions of dollars. We have made more money and trained more people than we want any casino to know about and we certainly don’t have anything to prove to you.

But, for those of you who are curious and serious. For those of you who are ready to join the elite force of card counters who take money from casinos instead of donate money to casinos..Let’s Begin…


29 Minute Card Counting Book

29 Minute Card Counting Book


Retail: $19.99  Sale Price: Only $9.99