Las-Vegas-Bellagio-FountainI was playing at the Bellagio one night over a Labor Day weekend.  I was playing a table that I had just wonged into, right next to the casino services office.  A large and intimidating dude stood by the door, which was only a few feet from the table I was playing at.  At first, I wondered if he was some kind of supervisor who was coming to watch my play more closely.  A few minutes later a group of young hipsters walked out of the office, and they walked away from the table I was playing toward the roulette tables.  The large intimidating guy went with them.

One of the guys in the group turned around, and I was able to catch a glimpse of his face.  I did a double take, because I could swear it was the guy who plays the mac in the mac vs. pc commercials.  I looked at the dealer (Rocky, who gives 1 deck pen) and said, “Is that who I think it was.”  He smiled, and said, “Yeah, they come in here fairly regularly.  People get kind of weird when they see Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz on the floor.”

I hadn’t even noticed that those two ladies were present.  I was mostly thinking of how much Ben would be stoked to be playing blackjack with the mac guy.  But sure enough, I looked again, and there was Cameron Diaz watching that silly little roulette ball circle the wheel, and high fiving Drew Barrymore when they won.

I heard the pit crew discussing how they couldn’t believe that “she would cheat on him so blatantly.”  I don’t know who the “she” and the “him” referred to in that sentence.  Perhaps Cameron Diaz has some other boyfriend somewhere, or something like that.  Then Drew Barrymore and the mac guy decided to go play some blackjack at the table right across the pit from where I was playing.

My spotter called me at that point in order to rejoice over the ideal conditions we had for playing.  She was right.  Not a soul in the house had their eye on me or her.  All eyes were on the stars.  I changed bets and wonged into tables without a care in the world.  It was by far the best BP conditions I’ve ever experienced.  I would strongly encourage people to play with celebrities whenever possible.

-Unnamed Church Team member