Be Careful of This When Playing Too Fast


by “Spartan”

I’m a fast player.

When I tested at the boot camp with Colin, I didn’t make a mistake. I placed my bets and made my decisions almost carelessly and without hesitation. I really wasn’t there to validate my skill. I knew my skill. I was there to show off. I thought I impressed him, but all he said after the test was:

“You’re not invincible. I think you should slow down your play.”

At the time, I mentally scoffed. I figured I earned the right to play as fast as I humanly could. I wanted to maximize my EV/hr and trained myself to autopilot every betting and playing decision I made. Why should I slow down? I don’t make mistakes.

Okay, so I made a mistake a couple days ago and I’m still beating my head over it…

Heads up, 6 Deck, S17 DAS RSA, 0.6pen, fast dealer.
In no way was I worried about being $6K in the hole. Just keep dealing me the cards.
Count rises rapidly and the cards begin to favor me. Dealer is running out of blacks to pay me.
I don’t really care, I’m just pushing my winnings out of the way and make my next bet.

That’s when the mistake happens.
I win the previous round with 2x$400 out. Stack of 4 black chips each.
Dealer pays my one hand 4 blacks to match it, but for the hand he gives me a purple $500 chip and takes one of my blacks in exchange.
That’s fine. All I know is that the count is higher and I need 2x$600. I grab 2 blacks in each hand and stack them on top of my previous bets. Deal the cards!
It wasn’t until I won the round and got paid that I realized I had an uneven bet. One was the correct $600, but the other was $500.

The true cost of this mistake is much less than the $100AV I lost so it wasn’t terrible. More importantly, I was humbled and realized what Colin was trying to get through my thick skull.

I know a lot of you players are like me or will get to a level where counting cards is like riding a bike. You don’t think about it, you just do it. No hands on the handlebar. Problem is, the moment the casino does something unexpected (like pay you differently), you’re not paying attention to that pothole and boom – you’re on the ground wondering what happened.

Just because you can ride a bike with no hands, that doesn’t mean throwing caution to the wind. Doesn’t matter how long it’s been since you’ve fallen. Always approach the casino with your helmet on and both hands ready for anything.

Dominate humbly,

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