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Story of the Week: Thinking Outside the Box


by “justdan73”

So, there is a casino fairly local to me that has a rule for all dealers to shuffle if any player at their table spreads more than 4-1 on their single and double deck games.

At first, this annoyed me. This shop used to have some of the best games around. They’ve gotten new management in the past year and it’s gone downhill. My GF loves the hotel, the Spa, and the other resort amenities the property offers. I just hate the BJ here.

She had a comp to an executive suite with $250 comped to the Spa included over the weekend, so I reluctantly went along.

I’m always looking for some sort of an angle on things. So, what I started doing was spreading 6 or 7 units when the count was negative and forcing them to shuffle away bad shoe after bad shoe, per their rigid rules. I made them shuffle up anytime I wanted, it was kind of fun, TBH. So, when the count was positive, I’d spread up to 4 units and when it was negative, I’d force a shuffle. I really didn’t think I’d get away with this for long, but, to my surprise, I did this for about six hours and left on my own accord.

Maybe the “geniuses” who run this native casino think that their little rule made them not have to worry about counters or something? I don’t know. They seemed to not give a damn at all. Granted, I was fortunate and had some pretty extreme positive variance, but I was just turning lemons into lemonade here. I don’t expect this to work every time.

Still, I made a 100 unit profit. Just $25 units on this trip since the game type and betting restrictions limited me to that, even still, $2500 profit in six hours of play in what were unfavorable conditions was pretty fun. A lot more fun than what my only other reasonable option for gambling was on this trip: playing cash games in the poker room. I get really, really bored playing Hold ’em, but that’s just me. I:m also only a slightly above average poker player. My skillset in poker is nowhere near the level my blackjack game is at.

BONUS: my girl was happy with the Spa too, so win-win.

—Note from Colin—

What I love is that he used the casinos’ rule against them. Since the game could be beaten with a 1-4 spread, by upping his bet more than that on negatives, he sped up the game and was able to completely avoid those expensive negative counts. And the stupid casino probably thought they were keeping him from being able to beat the game.

Just a good reminder that more than just knowing how to count cards, we want to think like an advantage player at all times. Take that, casinos!


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