“Mechanic” Gives You Her Mechanic


Blackjack Machine

I had a PB calling me a counter basically trying to get it out of me that I was after he had watched how fast and good my game was.

I played really dumb and he basically ended up telling me to download an app on my iPhone to give me a good idea how. He asked what kind of phone I had and for a second I thought he was gonna try to borrow my phone to look it up. That would’ve been awkward if he did that and saw my BJA iPhone app.

Later that day, I met the most incredible dealer I’ve ever met in my life. She was a machine. Alone for 2 hours at a very low min table, I kid you not, she was dealing me 250+ hands an hour. I timed it and she dealt me an entire 6d shoe with only a little more than HALF a deck cut off in AND shuffled all within 10 minutes. It was literally unbelievable. At the very least, 5 shoes an hour. The pit boss walked by after his break and asked if I had got that app yet and the dealer asked what he was talking about. So I told her how he thought I was a card counter and how ridiculous it was. Then she was straight up like “I know you are, you vary your bets, I don’t have to wait for you to make a move, you just resplit tens 3 times and doubled a A9 and you don’t talk a lot. Listen, I don’t care as long as you’re not an asshole”.

So we quietly played, no heat, about 300 hands/hr. She smiled every time I raised my bet and rooted for me. Then she purposely was cutting the deck extremely thin after I hinted her too. She said the PB would’ve 86’d me if he actually thought I was counting. Also she normally only deals in high stakes (that’s some FAST money with her dealing) and she says if they suspect a counter, they send her to thwart them by dealing extremely fast and being distracting. It was absolutely the most fun game of blackjack I’ve ever had in my life. Unfortunately I had a small loss during the session, but it was amazing and that’s just part of the game anyway.

I was at the casino for so long because the car broke down and my friends and I had to camp out there for the night. This dealer ended up giving us her mechanic’s number and said he was a really cool guy. She memorized his number when she went on break and cited it to my friend while dealing to me at hyper speed. Like I said, she’s a machine and the whole trip up north was nuts! Made it out unscathed with some new connections =).

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