Make Sure Nobody Is Following You


by “BJ-Viking”

The following is a true story.

First a little about me. I have been a blackjack player and card counter for over 24 years. I am not perfect in card counting, but I am very very good.

Last year just before Christmas I decided to drive over to Las Vegas for a couple day vacation. I called my connection at Caesars Palace and made reservations for a two night stay. I don’t have any trouble getting a room because I play a lot of blackjack there and Caesars comps me for everything including the room and food. They pay for everything. If I want to fly over there they would pay for that too but I only live three hours away, so I always drive over. I usually go by myself.

I take about $10,000 to $15,000 in cash to play blackjack. If I decide to stay longer, I will take more.

Anyhow, after about two hours of playing at the $100 minimum table, I was ahead $4,000. I always play in the High Roller area since the odds are better and fewer players are there. I always play one on one with the dealers. If another player tries to join in, I leave the table. I know it doesn’t make a difference if another player is at the table, but I prefer to play with just the dealer and myself. In the High Roller area that is not a problem. There is usually an empty table.

I got a little tired after two hours, so I decided to go back to my room for a quick nap. The night before I was up very late. About two minutes after I got into my room, there was a knock at the door. I remember opening the door and seeing a short Negro woman standing there. She raised her right hand and sprayed my face with Mace.

That blinded me. I could not see. Tears were flowing from both eyes. I just stood there confused, scared and blind. She pushed me aside and went into my room. I could hear her opening draws and moving around the room. It took her about three minutes, then I heard the door close as she quickly left my room. To make a long story shorter, the casino had lots of video of her: like when she entered my room, and afterwards as she left the room and got onto the elevator and then getting into a cab as she was driven away. The casino called the Las Vegas police to report the crime. They sent over two officers to investigate the crime scene. My total loss was about $17,000 cash plus a gold ring. The next day I contacted the casino insurance/ security department. They said they don’t have insurance that covers my situation because I opened the door to let her in. Therefore the casino is not liable.

There is more to the story, but you get the point. Before going to your room at a Casino, make sure nobody is following you. They finally caught her. She confessed to everything. Her trial is next month. I cannot believe this happen to me. I guess I was lucky to get out alive. Be careful, it could happen to you.