by “BJAvengers”

2 weeks back the BR had officially become 3x what i had started with, so i hit CVCX and redid some calculations and came up with a spread i was comfortable with.

The first time i tested it out, it was during a free stay at a local place, and the stay ended up not being so free. After logging about 9-10 hours and having my ass handed to me on some excellent counts, my BR took close to a 20% hit. I decided to stick with it a bit longer but if i hit a certain low, i’d revert back to my previous spread.

Well, over 3 session (only 2-3 hour each) i was able to win that money back and then some. I have however been making my sessions about an hour shorter since im trying to milk these places as much as possible. They’re within 20 minutes of me so travel isn’t too much of a concern – the only issue im seeing is most times im only able to play on a certain shift, which means the same faces are seeing me.

Any advice from those who gradually grew their BR …and spreads…and how they adjusted their play at local places (be it time played, shift played etc?)

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