Life after Bootcamp!


by “captain jack”

So I managed to wait two weeks after attending bootcamp to take my learning to the real tables. During the two weeks I continued to focus on my weakest area’s as a fairly new counter, drilling down deeper on true count/deck estimation and the deviations. I have to share that I felt different at the tables, my attitude was in control, variances were part of the deal, and because I couldn’t wong in/out on DD, kept at minimum bet until the count turned positive. DD, hit 17, das, rsa, surrender- I stayed confident, as we learned from the guest speakers and Ben and Colin, and counted harder. 3 out of 4 sessions I took control over those cards, variance was positive and the ev strong and steady.

I was in the middle of one deck with a true count of -8, sitting there with minimum bet, but still there because I was in the positive, and made my mark of when I would leave ahead and hadn’t breached that. With all those little cards, I decided to bet the buster bet, and see if there would be a high card bust. 7 cards later with a bust of 23 (lots of 2’s, 3,4,8) I was paid $2500, and my minimum bet of 1 unit with my K, 7.

The count dropped to T-3 after that and ended up very strong, and positive the last 3 hands. I faithfully followed a betting spread all 4 sessions and ended up leaving 90 units up. It felt so controlled and almost predictable on some of the shuffles where the count lived within -2 to 4 and the chips just kept coming on my side. I got to practice several deviations I hadn’t memorized before, and was at my highest spread T5, when A,Q came on my side and J,K on the dealer.

I felt like I had Colin and Ben right there with me, cheering me on, and the rest of the bootcamp team! I know and have experienced negative variance before and will again, but this was a great first time play after going to bootcamp, working hard at bootcamp, and opening myself up to listening and hearing what I needed to hear- it was great therapy. Thank you Ben and Colin for taking the time to teach us your style, approach, and craft.

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