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Story of the Week: Almost Made a HUGE Mistake


by “Skywayman”

I was playing at a new shop near home. I played about 4 shoes and barely lost a hand—quadrupling my buy-in in less than 45 minutes. The dealer was sure to let me know how great I was doing while copping an attitude that I wasn’t tipping. It was time to leave. I go to color up. The pit is staring at me wondering WTF just happened. I try to act star struct that I just won “so much money”. I’m ready to get out of there.

The dealer with an attitude slides me a few blacks and two white $300 chips to add to the couple red $5 chips, blue $1 chips, and my couple large black stacks of chips I had in front of me. I realized that the white chips were $300 but I didn’t REALLY realize it. I was too focused on whether or not the pit was making moves to take me out back.

Well, and I know I shouldn’t have done this, but I tip the dealer about $25 worth of all the colored chips I had that weren’t black to hopefully make her somewhat happy. When I did this, I mistook the white $300 chips for $1 chips. Those are the color of the $1 chips at the other casinos I hop around at.

She looks at me STUNNED.

I’m thinking, geez, all it took was $25 for you to completely change your attitude with me.

“What are you doing?” she asks.

I say, “that’s for you”.

She looks even more stunned. I’m thinking GREAT, she’s happy, I’m happy. Well I quickly figure out something was off. As she’s going to pick up the stack I realize what I had just done. I quickly back tracked and grabbed the $600 before they got swept up.

“Woah woah, I didn’t see those there. I am sorry about that”.

Dealer: “I was definitely going to take those”.

Safe to say it got a little awkward after that. I grabbed my chips and jetted.

This was a great lesson. I easily could have been out $600 because I lost focus worrying about what the pit was thinking and got careless and too cute tipping a little bit. Thankfully, I was able to notice before my white chips were clanging down the tip jar. Phew.

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