by “blackvypre”

I’ve been playing at a favorite card house and had an interesting encounter last night. I got to the casino later than I normally do and initially thought the DD table to be a be crowded but still playable. I sat down and the dude to my left recognized me from the night before and said “You normally play two spots don’t you?” He indicated he’s largely helping his girlfriend play so I can also use the spot in front of him.

Backstory: The night before, I did play at the same table and this guy was there as well. He had indicated that he likes playing the Lucky Ladies side bet and I understood that blackjack itself wasn’t a driving factor for him. At times he’d be a spectator, play a hand with the side bet and times when he’d ask if he can play my Luck Ladies. (I agreed).

About an hour later the two of them are about to leave and at this point this guy mentions to his girlfriend that I was the best player at the table having seen me play then as well as the night before (I smiled but didn’t think anything of it as I’ve been the good player as well as the one the ruins “the flow”). It was then he asked how well I’ve been doing on the Luck Ladies; “Not great” I respond.

He indicated (at a level others others wouldn’t be able to hear) to hold out for a True Count of 10. Being a little surprised, I indicated the I understood when he was saying as he and his girlfriend were moving away.

This dude left me scratching my head but with a smile. He’s been playing Lucky Ladies at low counts and I didn’t see him play any significant amount of blackjack to separate him from any other ploppy. Reading Dr. Elliot Jacobson’s analysis of Lucky Ladies he suggest that Dr. Thorp’s Ten Count is more suitable than his hi-lo. Jacobson went further to modify the Ten Count to be optimized to LLs and suggested that an AP trying to exploit this side bet shouldn’t to to tied up in beating BJ. My take is that this guy could be targeting the LL with a different counting system and hoping others place his bets when there is a chance to make money…This or he knows enough to understand and recognize card counting.

FWIW: I don’t know why he indicated TC=10; BJA and Dr. Jacobson indicate 7 but this is for DD using hi-lo. Using the modified system has different triggers and one is as high as 9.

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