Story of the Week: Great Comps Are A Win Too


Written by “Eugene”, Bootcamp grad and professional card counter.

I got my Caesars/Harrahs 7-star status (I won some money in the process), so I decided to parlay my 7-star status into some good comps. I contacted a non-Caesars property in the Midwest that I had never been to. They probably figured that I was a “gambler” based on my 7-star status.

They flew me up (they bought a commercial airline ticket in my name), picked me up at the airport, gave me a baseball ticket (I had mentioned to them that I love baseball) to their box suite and another one for the next night in a really good (but not as good as the box suite) VIP section. They also gave me a complimentary suite at their hotel and free food in their VIP lounge. They also arranged for me to get a complimentary brewery tour. Since I was only there for a long weekend trip, that left very little time to actually gamble (I won a little). They probably wanted me to gamble more – oh well. Then, at the end of my stay, they drove me back out to the airport to catch my return flight.

This is a reminder that taking advantage of comps in addition to making money works too.

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