by “going2beat21”

So long story short I quit my job about a week ago and am planning to move to Vegas. My reason for Vegas isn`t necessarily for blackjack alone although that is a part of it. I think my income from playing poker has shown to be fairly stable, and more profitable than my job was. For the time being I plan on making poker my main source of income. Although I would consider my 14k bankroll to small to play blackjack full time I think it is enough to play low stakes poker full time due to the really bad players at the low stakes, higher edge, and winning a larger percentage of my sessions. I have thought things through and think moving to Vegas would be preferable to staying where I am now for a few reasons. First housing is cheaper and second less travel time to the casino. Between the 2 I think I will save money and get more hours in at the poker table. I kinda want to live somewhere else for a change anyways and Vegas seems a bit more exciting with more stuff to do. I do have a bit of a backup plan for making money and on top of that if I drop below 10k bankroll I will probably start applying to jobs.

I am planning a trip to Vegas in early January. It will be my first time in Vegas. Part of my trip will be spent looking at apartments to rent. Part will be spent playing poker. I will probably hit a few blackjack games but not play blackjack to much. I was recommended playing Wynn and Venetian for poker. I`ll play rated at my poker casinos. Unrated blackjack everywhere else. What is everyone`s tips for Vegas. Best plan of attack for blackjack. Or any other Vegas tips like things to do just for fun, and good places to eat. All advice is welcome.

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