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Fun story from the field


by “skydiver1”

So, I played for about 4.5 hours on Saturday. The wife even came with me which was cool and provided some good cover because she went shopping for a little bit then joined me at the casino (wife shops, husband gambles). Anyway….mid way through my session these two guys sit down with one player initially. He was throwing money around being a ploppy even betting the uncountable side bet. His buddy then asks to jump in but it’s no midshoe. The count is back and forth but mostly a negative shoe. Next shoe the other guy jumps in. These guys were really bad. The count never gets over a TC of 1. They bust out and get up and leave and as soon as they did the dealer asks the PB to come over and has a conversation with him.

I heard something like “I’m almost 100% sure” and he asks where they went. Well I ask what that was all about and she says…. they are counting cards. Ha! I said wow…. that’s illegal, right? How does someone count that many cards anyway? She looks at me and says, “well you just have to…. ” and then stops and tells me that she can’t tell me but it isn’t illegal but that they are going to get busted now because she knows they were. She said she heard one say to the other, “quiet, you’re going to get caught”. 2.5 hours later and a total of 4.5 hours in the session and I get up and head to the cashier smiling.

I know the tap is coming at this place but I have now put in about 10 hours at this place at the same table because it’s the only game worth it other than the high roller area and I have received no heat. I am spreading up to 100 x 2. The odd thing is I have read this place can be sweaty…

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