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Story of the Week: Casino Flat Bet Saved Me


by “bahlahkay”

So I went to a fourth casino tonight after getting backed from 3 others and same shit. Pit boss comes up and says “Hey BahLahKay you won any money at golden nugget?”

I just sat there and smirked. “No sir.”

“Well they contacted us and let us know your counting and I’m gonna have to flat bet you.”

“Am I allowed mid shoe entry?”

“Yes sir you are.”

“Ok cool.”

I’ve never seen a full table clear so fast in my life. I wong out the 3rd hand and everyone deuced.

After doing the math of what I would have bet ,I would have had some VERY bad variance.

I said “Man you guys saved me. I would have been down a grand by now.”

“Mr BahLahKay we’re gonna have to ask you to leave.”

“Yes sir have a good one.”

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