First backoff…sort of


by “BJAvengers”

This past weekend I was out of town where they had a very nice game…it was $25 min…so this would be my first time playing at a green chip table…but CVCX showed I could play with a tolerable RoR and still put out a nice spread.

The first night I only logged about 4 hours….no heat and while the first 3 shoes had me constantly digging into my pockets…by the end of the night I walked with a stack of blacks to make up for those $100s…and then some.

The following afternoon I went back to try to log some extra hours before I had to leave. At first I was mainly playing heads up…and some of the blacks I had from the night prior (i didn’t cash all of them out) quickly disappeared…and I was back digging into my cash stash.

After about 2 hours I got a couple juicy shoes…another player joined in to help eat up the bad cards during the crappy shoes too. I noticed around this time the PB on the phone eye balling me…but once off the phone he ignored me and walked off. I suspected heat but this was an out of town spot so I was gonna go hard.

I ended up splitting 10’s vs 5…4x…with max bet out…and won the hand. My pocket now stuffed with blacks again I kept my act up as best I could..rooting for my new found buddy when he did well and jumping in and out since we were both trying to…find the right combo of # of hands (b/s talk of course but I was just going along with him).

About 30 minutes later…right when the TC hit max…i get the tap. “Sir, do you have your ID on you?” ….”No” I reply, “I left it in my room” …..he looks concerned “You have no ID on you at all?” I tell him again no. My playing buddy tries to stand up for me “Come on man, he’s obviously over 21 – let him play.”

I of course know it has nothing to do with my age, so the guard says he was going to have to ask me to cash out and that I could no longer play that day, but if I were to come back with my ID then I could continue to play (hah, yeah…right).

He walks me to the cage and then says “I didn’t want to embarrass you in front of everyone, but the reason we’re asking you to cash out is because you’re suspected of counting cards.”
“Counting cards?” I reply.
“Yes, our security has been watching your play for a while – and they are trained to watch for these things and feel your bet changes looked like you were counting cards, I’m sorry”

The way he spoke, I could tell he was in a bit of an odd spot…and he didn’t seem to fully believe I was guilty…so I played along and told him I guess it was a compliment if they thought I played that good.

He then asked for my name and wrote it down (I gave a bs name of course), he actually told me that they were going to run it through their data base to see if my name matched any known counters, but if it didn’t then i’d be welcome to come back and play again as long as I had my ID.

Was an interesting first back off, thats for sure. It was a bit funny when I first got the tap to see 5 security guards standing behind me. It was a bit funny to see his surprised look and listen to him fumble around on the radio when I said I had no ID on me, guess that messed their game plan up.

Being this is my first back off…and being it happened the way it did, i’d love any feedback others can offer. To ME, I definitely won’t scratch this casino off my list…I won’t go back anytime soon and when I do i’ll go on a different shift, but the game was definitely too juicy to just let go.

Oh and the happy ending is, I still got to hit em up for close to 100 units even though my play was cut a couple hours short 🙂

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