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Everything you need to beat blackjack for money.

  • World’s best training
  • Online training drills
  • Supportive community
  • Critical, exclusive tools
Joe Card Counter at blackjack table

Joe748's earned over 7 figures. He's not alone.

"My card counting career started with a Blackjack Apprenticeship membership as my sole resource. My bankroll has grown beyond anything I imagined it could. Everything I needed to know in order to beat blackjack is all in the membership — the rest is just practice."

— Joe748 (full-time card counter)

Membership Features

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Simple and proven steps that teach you how to think and play like a professional.

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The best online blackjack training drills help you test your skills and confirm your progress.

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Get questions answered by our community of professionals and other aspiring card counters.

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Get current casino conditions that help you decide where to play wherever you are.

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Member exclusive interviews, conversations and secret strategies from masters of the underground world of card counting.

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Risk vs Reward. That’s what card counting is all about. But how do you know your risk? How much reward you should expect? Our Bankroll Manager answers those questions. Know how much to bet, and when to bet it for maximum profits.

Colin Jones of Blackjack Apprenticeship

Hey! I’m Colin, founder of Blackjack Apprenticeship.

I’ve been playing and teaching professional blackjack for over 15 years, and have been featured in articles and documentaries for both. I’ve personally won over $600,000 from card counting and and have run blackjack teams responsible for winning over $4Million at blackjack. And through Blackjack Apprenticeship, I’ve helped card counters find the same success that I’ve enjoyed. I’m very proud of Blackjack Apprenticeship, as it has become the world’s best platform for creating real-world professional blackjack players who take millions from casinos every year. I’m excited to have you join our elite members area.

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The Basics

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Master Card Counting
and Become a Winning Player

  • The Video Course
    Over 100 Videos covering card counting concepts.
  • Training Drills
    Test your skills before you hit the casinos.
  • Members Forum
    Join the conversation of aspiring & professional card counters
  • The BJA Podcast
    Dozens of hours of invaluable advice from experienced and proven professionals.
  • Bonus Content
    Enhance your Training


Most Popular

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All the Training and Tools You Need
to Become a Professional Card Counter

  • Everything from Starter Membership
  • Casino411
    The largest insider casino intel database exclusive to BJA members
  • Betting Software
    Calculate your optimum betting strategy
  • Results Tracker Pro Software
    Track results, chart your progress
  • Bonus Content
    The ultimate guide to card counting in Vegas


Best Value

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Your Fast Track to Becoming
a Professional Card Counter

  • Everything from Apprentice Membership
  • Physical Training Kit
    Essential at-home training materials
  • Personalized Bankroll Coaching
    Colin crafts your optimum bankroll strategy
  • 30-Minute Phone Consultation
    Jump start your training with a personalized career consultation with Colin.
  • 'Holy Rollers' DVD
    The Award-Winning Feature Length Documentary

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