by “dpug1120”

So I hit up my local shop on day shift this afternoon before work as usual. My face is well known by the dealers and pit crew, esp this shift.. putting 40 hours a week in the last 3 weeks tends to do that. I’m a red chipper so no one pays me any mind with heat typically. However my max bet has always been split into 2 hands of 60 bucks.

This afternoon I got stuck a lot (~10 max bets) , and went to one last empty table before leaving.. so I’m playing heads up and the count starts to rise.. I remember reading some where that its better to not spread to 2 hands when heads up. I don’t know the mathematical reasoning behind this I just know to do it. So I did it. The count continues to rise as I’m winning hand after hand thanks to variance obviously. I was taking my time because it was the first time implementing a 1 handed bet spread. and every time I’d pause for 5 or 6 seconds to raise the bet with the true count I’d magically get a blackjack.

This started to peek the interest of the regular boss patrolling her games. especially when I had a max bet out to split aces and receive to faces. She darted right on over to the main boss as I’m hip-hip-horaying by myself acting it up like I care up luck.  When on the inside I’m sad the TC just dropped HA. Anyway I sit back down its cooling off back down to a TC 3 still winning hand after hand however as she turns to whisper something to the main guy.. who waddles on over puts his hand on the pole that’s holding the sign up for the side game advertisement about to intensely analyze the situation that was just whispered to him. And just as he does the the count plummets to a TC 1 there is about 2 decks left of the 8 deck shoe.

I know its not the ideal place to wong-out but I threw the dealer a (2.50 piece) for a tip which I NEVER do and ask to color up. and colored up in front of them both. it came to 935.. and I threw him the left over 2 five dollar chips as a thank you stating it real loud.. but the main boss walk away without a care in the world and didn’t see the 10 bucks and the original lower boss was busy inputting the black chips out into the computer when I did it. (FYI I took the 12.50 out of my work money and repaid the BR) no big deal.

I just know in my heart they knew for a second what I was up to.  Also keep in mind this is the only shop Id never want to be backed off from as its 2 minutes away. Any where else in the world I say burn it down.  

Was getting up during a positive count mind you, immediately when upper management is clearly tipped off of your activities on top of tipping the wrong or right thing to do? In the moment I felt like giving away my spread i.e dropping back down to 10 or 20 bucks from 120 as soon as the boss shows up was way worse than just taking my winnings and leaving mid shoe.  I know there are probably winning arguments to either side you choose. Just was anxious to hear some opinions from you more experienced players.

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