by “tjnich04”

Ok, so I’m playing a DD game. I’ve been to this casino many times with no heat yet and have taken about 20k from these guys. Apparently they are low heat.

blackjack buy in

So I’m playing with this dealer heads up for an hour or more. We are flying through hands. We start talking and she says that she’s been dealing for 33 years. She originally dealt in Vegas. One hand on the last hand of the shoe it was max bet time. After I scooped she commented on how good of a bet I made because of how many aces were left and that not many people would have known to press it right there. Then she said how she used to deal high limit in vegas and that she had to learn how to count and be better at it than the players were. She said I was playing well.

She never motioned to the pit or anything like that. She didn’t seem to care! But she definitely¬†knew what I was doing. The pit came over to write down my average bet in the computer so he asked her what it was and she said “Around 50. He likes to bump it up every so often.” I was spreading 2×25 to 2×500!!!!!

I ended up hitting for 3100 in this short hour or so and cashed out. Tipped her my red and white ($12.50) in hopes that she would keep her mouth shut.

But what do I do in this situation? Do you think she will eventually tell the pit? Do I keep playing? Do I act clueless as to what counting is?

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