by “ambj21”

At my semi local casino there is a certain dealer I avoid. He deals very erratically almost like he is trying to be fast but everything he does has extra unnecessary movements.

Tonight he taps in at a table I was already playing at and his first card ends up on the floor. When he pays out chips seem to go all over I had a green chip roll to me. He hasn’t mispaid me but I am sure on the look out for it. I would think from a procedural stand point the casino management would have a talk with him. He also has the worst case of RBF I have every seen he is the type of dealer that you have to tip a bunch of money just for him to be a halfway decent human being.

When coloring up, he threw the pink chips back to me said those are suppose to be for the dealers. I said no thanks and got them colored up. Almost wanted to say something to the pit but figured wouldn’t do anything for me and I should just continue to avoid him because he is no fan of mine. I was thinking of Joe748’s story the whole time.

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