So my other buddy and I are pretty much toast for this trip in Vegas—we’ve played about 40 total hours and are up just over $20k. But after getting backed off and being told I was in [casino database], we went to Bellagio and started back counting.

I wonged into a shoe at 2×400 and within 5 minutes I was greeted with a polite “Hello Mr. [BJA Member], did you know that you were flat bet at the MGM casinos?” So they still let me play and I could enter a shoe at any amount, but I just couldn’t adjust from my first bet. And if I missed a hand after coming in I couldn’t re-enter.

After that we cashed out all chips and went to Silver Sevens. I bought in for 400 green and only could play 1 spot. The first 4 shoes never went positive so I literally was betting 1×25 and then the phone rang. They said that seat 4 wasn’t allowed to play. Which was hilarious because some older guy was sitting in seat 4 with like $200 and the pit boss came up to him and was like “I’m sorry sir, they wont tell me why, but you’re not allowed to play anymore.”

The dude was totally confused, but he instantly colored up and left with his buddy. As soon as the pit boss went to him instead of me the phone rang again and they said “No not him, the guy to his right,” so then he told me “Ah it’s YOU that’s not allowed to play.”

After I colored my chips up and started to leave the table, a security guard walked up to my buddy (right behind me) and asked him for his ID. As soon as he asked for ID, me and my buddy hear a loud “NO, NOT HIM, THE GUY TO YOUR LEFT! (me)” come from surveillance through the security guard’s walkie. It was funny to see how surveillance was watching their floor and correcting their mistakes in real time.

It was hysterical! But I’m definitely on their radar in Vegas.