Last time we were in Las Vegas, Ben and I sat down with John Chang, one of the most successful card counters of all time. If you don’t know how John Chang is, he ran several of the notorious “MIT” Blackjack teams. Kevin Spacey’s character in “21” is loosely based on John (emphasis on “loosely”). […]

Last time we were in Las Vegas, Ben and I sat down with BJA member and professional card counter, “SmurfAP”. We touched base with him almost a year ago when he did this written interview with him, and we had the opportunity to interview him for this podcast to find out what’s happened since then. Find […]

Last time we were in Las Vegas, Ben and I sat down with BJA member and high stakes card counter, “Joe748”. Find out what he has to share with the card counting community!  

We recently hung out in Las Vegas with American Casino Guide creator, Steve Bourie. His son attended our Blackjack Bootcamp, and we wanted to sit down with Steve and discuss the American Casino Guide, his goal if visiting every casino in the country, and using Video Poker to his advantage (he’s being modest about his […]

We just finished another Bootcamp Weekend in Las Vegas. Ben and I recorded a recap of what went down… Check it out!  

At our most recent Blackjack Bootcamp in Las Vegas, Tommy Hyland honored us by coming by to do another podcast interview with a Q and A from some of the Bootcamp attendees. Check it out below! Enjoy!       .

BJA Podcast – Josh Axelrad

September 30th, 2014

I got together recently with friend and fellow card counter, Josh Axelrad. Josh wrote “Repeat Until Rich”, which chronicles his involvement with one of the most active Blackjack Teams of the late 90’s and early 2000’s, as well as Josh’s addiction to online poker. We discuss his book, his card counting exploits, pathological gambling, and […]

Ben and I got recorded this Podcast after our 2 Bootcamp Weekend. We discuss our bold move of attending (and me speaking) at the World Gaming Protection Conference. Enjoy!       *MUST BE LOGGED IN TO LISTEN TO OR DOWNLOAD PODCAST    .   .