by “brav0”

So I’ve taken a break over the last 3 months or so to work on some other time consuming projects, and build the bankroll a bit so I can increase my hourly EV and that.

However on a whim, I went in this previous weekend and I forgot how much I missed this grind in my life! Not most other people would exactly understand that in my life as you chaps would. For me, it’s the behind enemy-lines feeling, the hard-work earned focus, the up swings, the down swings. Having the “most important text conversation” that I have to randomly leave the table once in awhile. Befriending ploppies—honestly, mainly messing with ploppies. The amount of thinking I get while listening to music on the way to casinos.

It’s the much needed break and much needed hope that helps get through a 9-5 life. Other than the increase in bankroll that time will bring and ideally a tiny-home blackjack travelling van, haha, everything else is in place. Pressing forward with full anticipation to escape the 9-5 life for more than a weekend.

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