Called out by dealer in a subtle way…


by “mrwills”

Was playing a final table last night…was doing pretty good and had about 4-5 shoes in a row that went up to TC6. New dealer comes in, she looks familiar from a different casino chain, but I don’t say anything.

Finally she says “So, taking a break from so n’ so casino?”
“I thought that was you!” I say back to her…and we make small chit chat over a shoe or two…apparently she had changed jobs from the other casino to this one 3 weeks ago.

It’s near the end of one shoe…TC dropped to negative so I say “I’m just gonna sit a couple out”…she replies “Yeah sometimes it’s like double dutch jump rope huh? Gotta know when to come in and come out.”

I told her “Yeaaah you know how it is…hard to tell when a good or bad time is…seems like most times it bites me in the ass when I come back in”…..she said “Well, the good ones know when to come back in” and shot me a smile.

I wasn’t sure I was pegged just yet and said “Yeah some know how to time it right” Then she told me “Yes – and some of them end up getting banned because of it”. I told her “Oh they got too good huh?” She said “Well, not too good, just too greedy. They wanted to win that Lamborghini money. If you’re not greedy you can do it for quite a while without any problems”

I personally thought…who could be more greedy than the casino? But…I just kept going with the convo. Telling her I wasn’t greedy and had and old classic car that looked good and had no interest in a Lambo 🙂

She smiled and said “Well that’s good…you don’t wanna end up in the black book!” and then winked at me.

Nothing seemed hostile but as always I’d rather NOT be seen than to be seen at all. She left about a shoe later…another dealer came in, who I know cuts deep…so we just finished the shoe we were on and then left.

Any thoughts are welcome of course 🙂

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