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Story of the Week: Best Win Streak


by “Skywayman”

I feel that lately there has been a good amount of content written on losing streaks/negative variance etc. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Of course this is the nature of the beast and it’s important to understand the variance associated with being an AP. But sometimes seeing all the down sides and struggles of AP BJ makes me wonder and doesn’t make me feel warm inside about what’s to come..

With that said, I would like to start a thread on positive win streaks and the other, happy, side of variance and being an AP.

I would love to hear from full time, part time, and new players the best streaks of positive variance they have experienced throughout their AP BJ careers. Whatever you would be willing to share that would provide some inspiration. I know when I was a new player it was very helpful and exciting to hear about what some BJ players were accomplishing. This pushed me to train harder and harder, and still does, to develop a winning game.

I’ll lay out my best streak and if you want to follow the same set up great, if not great too. I will throw this out there as well; I’ve been on this win streak for a while and part of me doing this thread is my interest in win streaks that others have had too.

Here goes.

Starting BR at streak: $4500

Hours: 70
AV: $38,060
AV per Hour: $544
EV: $6,876
EV per Hour: $98

Spread: (mainly)
0 – 2x$25
1 – 2x$50
2 – 2x$125
3 – 2x$175
4 – 2x$250
5 – 2x$300

Notes: I have been down during sessions, but haven’t left being down for the session during this period. I have had numerous times where I went down 1-3k or so. The most being $5500 in 2 hours, only to play through it and end up +$1800 on the trip ($7300) swing. A lot of my sessions seem to be quick hitters-less than 1.5 hrs. I get way up super fast and attention comes my way so I jet before I get the tap. (1 back off during this time period)

Look forward to hearing others’ nice win streaks!

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