by “vincentchoi”

I was in Vegas last week. Played at a $25 min table betting $50 to $200 hand. The Pboss asked if I have a Pcard; I said no. That I’m just passing thru … he went on to chat, asked where I’m from … I said LA , he said he went to CSULB, etc. Small talk. I said that I went to grad school there etc. another boss came and started talking to me about LA, that he graduated from CSULB also, etc. After 1 1/2 hours and winning about $1000, I said thank you and left to casino cage. Then a casino exec host comes as I was walking away from the cashier and says… player’s card or not, I want to invite you to a $100,000 tournament last week of July; entry fee: $499, paid, hotel paid for all 3 nights, etc. and asked for my address to send invitation … I did not want to be rude, I gave him my business PO Box and name.

Yesterday, I get the invitation. Is this some kind of a trap? a gimmick?

I am new at this and am perplexed as to how/why he will invite me after a short play there. I find it hard to believe that it Is because we went to the same university.

Any insight?

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