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Story of the Week: Backed off as “Donald Trump”


by “msmith1968”

My team and I went to Vegas for Halloween (great cover right?). 70503d56763f04836695e82db180200f33dedd0c-1Trying to think of costumes that you can play cards with (no masks or covering the face). Everybody I know says I do the best Donald Trump impression so I decided to be Trump for Halloween and brought a female friend to be “Ivanka”, Trump’s daughter/wife.

Went out and had a great time, won a costume contest (that I didn’t even enter) and was backed off at the Luxor for counting even as Donald Trump.

I told the pit crew “Nobody knows how to get kicked out of a Casino like me… Nobody. Believe me!” She asked for ID.

I said “everybody know me I’m the best president ever with the biggest casino crowd in history believe me” security said no more play without ID. This was after 2 hours of play.

Went back the next morning and played Luxor with no back off. Clearly they did not recognize me. Mission accomplished.

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