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Story of the Week: AV of Travel…


by “Just Dan”

As all of you know, travel is part of the necessary requirements of AP work. Even if you live in or near a hub, travel is inevitable to be successful as even a serious part timer, let alone a full-time AP.

There will be times when your AP travels will take you to spots where there really isn’t much to do there or see besides the casino. It’s hard to put lipstick on these pigs of locations other than they sometimes have some sweet EV. I’m talking about places where the nicest restaurant in town is a Denny’s and the nicest hotel outside of the casino’s is a Super 8.

But here’s the thing, there’s other times when your travels take you to places that have great places to eat, things to do and see. I strongly recommend taking advantage of these opportunities much as possible.

Sure, we are on a working trip when we travel for AP play. We are seeking out EV on the tables. But, when I was younger, I had tunnel vision and I passed up on much added AV in experiences I could have enjoyed at the spots I played at. Life is short. Casinos are often dingy places. The value in hitting up say, a beautiful waterfall or museum for a few hours of you stay in any given town is time well spent.

I recently did a trip up the east coast. I took advantage of situations like this any time I got. Many of us got in to this because of the freedom from a regular 9-5 job that it offers. But, let me ask you, is it any different if you are a slave to your work even if you are the slave-driver yourself?

America is a big, diverse and beautiful country. I’ve gotten an opportunity I probably wouldn’t otherwise have had if I hadn’t turned my BJ hobby in to a very profitable business.

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