Blackjack Apprenticeship exists to educate and empower people to make wise decisions with their money. We want to reveal truth about life, casinos, gaming, and the practice of counting cards in the game of blackjack. Our goal is to destroy the lies from casinos and their advertising, lies of general perception of the masses, as well as lies about general get-rich-quick schemes and goals. We also exist to create a community where people can learn from the strength, hope, and experience of others.

The Army


We are creating an army whose goal it is to challenge the status quo, and in the process, take every dollar that we can from casinos. We’ve been at it now for over 14 years. If our mission sounds like something you want to be a part of, we invite you join the army.

Casinos Love Card Counters


You know why? It’s because most “card counters” can’t count cards and never win money! One of the worst things you can do is learn just enough about card counting to get the confidence of a card counter but not have the skill. This is the biggest problem with learning how to card count from a book or dvd: you have no one to help train you.

Our Apprenticeship Model

There is a lot of information out there on how to count cards but few places that give you the tools you actually need to do it.

This is why we created our wildly popular card counting video course. It’s where you should start.

From there you should connect with other card counters to learn from them and hear stories of people who are beating casinos and winning money right now. People learn in different ways. That’s why we have apps, podcasts, interviews, emails, e-books, videos, software, charts, and in person bootcamps just to name a few things.

Whether this is something you want to do full-time or as a hobby, we believe that to be a successful card counter you need to be apprenticed by professionals who know how to take YOU to the next level of counting cards.