A newbies first time out…


by “groot”

I finished my first weekend out. I was nervous since I have only been practicing since early Dec but the trip was already planned so I decided to give it a go. My first table the dealer was new so it was taking a long time for him to deal each hand to the full table – I loved it though because I was able to keep up easily and get my feet wet. When his replacement came the game got a lot faster and I lost the count a couple of times but I walked away up. I went to another casino and played two to three more sessions, all of them up. On the last session I noticed that I was getting sloppy because I was fatigued and left. The next day I did another 4-5 hours at the casino (only playing $5 tables) and always ended each session a winner. To say it was cool to see the count go to 4 and raise my bet by 5 units and then win is an understatement. I felt invincible and was looking forward to playing more and more. On the third day I looked up the first casino I played at on 411 and saw that the edge was way low so I went back there. Spent the morning there, still on $5 tables and won another $400. I was being much more careful now than I was previously.

Went back that evening, tables are packed, sat down and went through a couple of shoes (2 deck). Count went to 4 and I raised my bet 6 units and won. Count went to -1 and I dropped back to 1. On the next shoe count went up again and I went to 5 units, won and then dropped back to 3 units. Right then the pit boss came to me and said I can only bet my base bet. I was confused and asked why and he said “you know why”. I did a couple of more hands, while all the players at the table started talking about how the casino won’t let me make any money. I just said I don’t understand to them and got up to leave. The pit boss told me to color up and then pointed at the ceiling and said “we know who you are now, don’t try that again”.

I cashed in my chips (at least I was up) and walked to the other casino. I was a little unnerved to play again. When I got to the other casino I kept on expecting the pit boss to come over and tell me to go away (which obviously didn’t happen). I stayed for 30 minutes, they comped me some food and I left up.

The takeaways were:

  1. The counting is not as intimidating as I thought, it was pretty easy to maintain an accurate count.
  2. I needed to take a break because my brain was mush after 4-5 hours.
  3. I can’t play craps anymore because playing blackjack is so predictable (and craps I feel like I’m throwing away my money)

I know you all can only speculate but is it random that I got busted? I was only there for 20 minutes before he talked to me. The previous two days I could understand but that day all my play at that casino was pretty low key, I kept all my max bets really low (since I was just practicing) I felt way more casual. I was way more proficient but I thought that would be a good thing.

They obviously had more astute dealers there in the evening shift but I was thinking that since it was way more crowded I would be less noticeable. Is it because he was just a better pit boss than the morning ones?

Was it from my earlier play in the morning? I was using a players card because I was playing for such small money I didn’t think anyone would care.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.


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