Story of the Week: 5 Max Bet Losses in a Row…


by “cokyle”

When the TC hit 4 I was feeling pretty confident. It didn’t guarantee a winning shoe but I felt good. I was playing heads up at a H17 DD game with .75 pen. I put my max bets out. And I lost. No biggie. Next hand, I thought. But after losing my 5th max bet in a row I got concerned. Now I was just hoping to salvage the day and get back to even. Eventually. Funny thing is the dealer was more upset about my losing streak than I was.

In the past I used to dwell more on my losses. Now I move on to the next table. It comes around. It may take a while but it always does. I follow the pros advice on the forum and keep my RoR below 2% and let CVCX guide my betting. Trust the math (thanks Colin). I have experienced this firsthand as my bankroll has doubled every 300 hours, and I am about 1300 hours into my game. There have been plenty of highs and lows along the way. And after each rough patch it turns around.

Boy did it ever.

I wandered around and found a quiet DD game with a dealer named Caitlin. She worked diligently to place her cut card 15 cards into the bottom of her shoe. (If you aren’t smiling by now you should be). She also didn’t want to engage in any conversation. That’s too bad.

You probably know where this is going.

Giddy with inward excitement I bought in with shaky hands for $300. After a few uneventful shoes the pit boss asked if I wanted a players card. He said he noticed my bet size and thought I might like a free meal or other comps. No thanks. I play here a lot and plan to keep playing as “unknown”, as they know me in the cage. After coloring up my stacks of greens for purples, for the third time, I realized I hadn’t moved in 5 hours. My stomach dragged me away for a quick energy bar. Then it was back to the table. The PB kept telling me he didn’t want to keep the purple chips in the tray and that I should keep taking them. No problem, I thought. I just wish I had bigger pants pockets. Once again, thanks to the forum about the recent discussion on clothing. Now I thought of the discussion I heard about playing until you couldn’t anymore in a place like this. Thanks joe748, jcnote, spartan, levimitch, and the phoenix. I stuck with it for another two hours but eventually fatigue set in. And I realized I had to work in 5 hours, at my real job. So I colored up for more purple and headed for the cage.

What could have been a rough day emotionally and financially turned out to be a lesson in riding the rodeo bull named Variance. If you can stay on for 8 seconds (rounds, days, etc) and stick to the math, she will reward you.

Good variance to you all.

Play perfectly. Trust the math. And put your money out there.

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