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Story of the Week: It’s All About Who You Know

December 17th, 2014

by “Hita7″

Recently I was involved in an incident at a place where I had been BO (backed-off) before. I have never played rated there, and to their credit, I am extremely surprised at how fast they were on to me (I’m talking literally single-digit minutes!), even after not being there for a few months on a different shift.

Anyhow, as I sensed the unusually fast and hot-hot-heat, I stuffed my chips in my pockets and started walking, then saw several suits and security coming my way. Of course, I headed for the nearest door. I then hear behind me something along the lines of “Excuse me, you’re coming with us, we need to have a talk!”, and more “Hey, Hey! I’m talking to you!!!” I didn’t say anything, but it was so obvious that they wanted to steer me in a particular direction, my AP instinct tells me this was a back-room operation in the making as they were very aggressive.


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What Bootcamp Grads Said about the Blackjack Bootcamp

December 10th, 2014

Colin schooling the noobsHey fellow card counter!

The first sentance of our Mission Statement is “Blackjack Apprenticeship exists to educate and empower people to make wise decisions with their money.

That means Ben and I have to be really honest about our Blackjack Bootcamps. Are they a wise use of someone’s money, or are we selling people short? To answer that question, we send out a survey to every Bootcamp attendee to gather feedback.

Here are two  responses we got (completely un-edited). We thought they were honest reviews that could help you decide if the Bootcamp is right for you! Read More »

Story of the Week: First Day on the Field

December 4th, 2014

by “levimich”

So I’ve been practicing since January and have been eager to get started for quite a while. Last night a friend and I went to our closest casino to play for the first time with an actual bankroll. I’ve played there a million times, knowing all my deviations and wonging in on tables in hopes of getting some short term luck. So it didn’t feel too different than the average trips in the past but at the same time it felt like a great milestone.

Being a Friday night, it was jam packed. Definitely the worst time to go for a low stakes card counter. This place doesn’t allow midshoe entry so I’d sit down at a table, play the first hand and then take a “phone call” while my friend “watched my spot” (After you play one hand, you aren’t limited to the min). We came up with a good signal for me to come back and she passed me back the count when it was favorable.
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Tommy Hyland Q and A Podcast

December 2nd, 2014

At our most recent Blackjack Bootcamp in Las Vegas, Tommy Hyland honored us by coming by to do another podcast interview with a Q and A from some of the Bootcamp attendees.

Check it out below!






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Story of the Week: Watching a High-Roller “Ploppy” Blast a Casino, and a Lesson Learned

November 19th, 2014

by “hita7″

Recently I was playing at a major Las Vegas strip casino. On the table next to me there was a civilian (ploppy) playing very big action…I’m talking betting up to table max ($10K a hand). At first I though he might be an AP, but after I noted a couple of things about his play, I was convinced he was not (e.g. betting and/or tipping black chips for the dealer). Read More »

Blackjack Hall of Fame

November 13th, 2014

By David Drury Blackjack_Hall_of_Fame

The Blackjack Hall of Fame at Barona Casino in San Diego, California stands as a curious testament to the giants who mastered the game of 21 and/or paved the way for its continued mastery.

The shrine is more than curious; it is paradoxical. Unlike the “Winners Wall” you can find down one hallway or another in every casino, filled with old bats smiling at having lucked their way into a big slot payout—this is different. Casinos are happy to celebrate luck. They are loathe to celebrate mastery. Luck represents a mere tax on their mathematically guaranteed profits. Mastery represents where profit got away from them. More often than not, Casinos boot people from the premises for mastery at Blackjack. Yes, even Barona Casino where, after being booted for mastery, you can walk a few feet and see them celebrating it with great gusto. It all is very strange if you allow yourself to stop and take it in, which I did one day on the way to the gaming floor at Barona Casino. Or I tried to do. I had no idea it was there to begin with.

Bootcamp Recap – November 2014

November 6th, 2014

no blackjack

Hello Card Counter!

Last weekend was the Blackjack Bootcamp.

We had a great group of people at various stages in their careers.

As always, one of the biggest highlights was listening to the Legendary Tommy Hyland talk about his infamous blackjack career. He shared his philosophy on why he plays aggressively and his advice for new card counters. We recorded our talk with him and we’re excited for our premium members to listen to it on the site in the coming weeks.

Our favorite quote from one of our bootcamp attendees this weekend was, “From now on I’m going to tell people that I’ve been card counting for ONE DAY because whatever I was doing before the bootcamp was NOT card counting.” Note: He played perfect basic strategy and was pretty good at counting… but that’s how high our standards are for card counters!

Backoffs are Bittersweet

October 30th, 2014

no blackjack By thecrasian

Recently one of our active members on the forum posted about one of his early back off experiences. We can relate! Enjoy his story:


It’s been a long time coming since I felt the pressure mount, ready to explode.

Ever aware of my surroundings and nonchalantly scanning the room every so often. Watching the hawks that watch me. The vultures finally went in for the kill after letting me traverse their territory for 3.5 hours. It was a much anticipated session.

I’d been there 3 prior sessions on the weekends, but this time, this time I was going in for the kill. I planned on hitting them, and hitting them hard. I waltz into the place, get my free $5 slot play, cash out, and cash out my points to cash. Nice $99 to start off the session.

I plop myself down at the $5 DD table eager to implement a 1-56 spread. EV around $80/hr. Off we went.

“Mike vs the CSM”

October 23rd, 2014

shuffle.jpg   Mike was one of the biggest members on our team, both in stature and personality. You always knew when he was in the room.

Like many other people, he tried to use sheer intimidation to test out. But the cards will not fear you… you must fear the cards.

Fortunately for Mike (and our team), he put in the time and eventually tested out. Eager to start making some money and kicking some casino tail, he planned his first trip. But Mike needed a trip worthy of his personality, so he planned a 4 day assault the Mecca for card counters: Las Vegas. And he wasn’t going alone, but with one of the most infamous card counters on our team, Ford.

Profile of a Counter: BJA Member Skywayman

October 16th, 2014

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing BJA member Skywayman on his blackjack journey. Here are the questions we asked him and his responses.

bryan's pic redacted

1. How did you get into card counting?
I got into card counting when I first watched Holly Rollers on Netflix. That led me to BJA.

2. How long have you been counting cards?
I’ve been counting for a little over a year.

3. How long did it take you to trust your skills? How do you know you’re any good?
It took me about a month and half of training for me to trust my skills. I knew I had it down when I could deal multiple hands to myself while carrying a conversation and watching TV. Also, playing CVBJ was a great tool that I used when I was practicing every day. If you can play flawlessly on their live game mode, you aren’t too far away from moving your training into the casino.

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