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1-Training Tools

Pro Training Kit

store_prokitPRO TRAINING KIT: We put together this training kit to help you train at home including every tool you need to practice card counting.

INCLUDES: All of our charts printed on glossy card stock, 6 decks of authentic playing cards, discard tray, and discard measurer.



Elite Training Kit

store_kiteliteELITE TRAINING KIT: Turn your dining room table into a card counting training center.

INCLUDES:  (PRO KIT) All of our charts printed on glossy card stock, 6 decks of authentic casino playing cards, a discard tray (for deck estimation), a discard tray measure (for insanely accurate deck estimation).

PLUS: Full size blackjack felt, 100 clay poker chips, Cut Card


Elite Training Kit PLUS

store_kiteliteplusELITE TRAINING KIT PLUS: our most popular training kit.  The ELITE KIT PLUS gives you everything in the ELITE KIT plus $100 off a future bootcamp.


Results Tracker Pro

result_tracker_proRESULTS TRACKER PRO: Keep track of every second you play and every penny you win. Keeps average $/hr as well, charts your progress, and includes a printable results sheet to carry to casinos with you. This is the same software we have been using for years. LEARN MORE

Runs on Microsoft Excel

Team Tracker Pro

team_trackerTEAM TRACKER PRO: Keep track of sessions, players, and investors for a team of 2 to 100.  Account for money being transferred between players and keep track of how much each player should have at any given moment. Email Colin To Purchase

DVD Course

store_kiteliteTHE CARD COUNTING VIDEO COURSE: Have access to the entire training course so you can watch and train at any time, even without internet or a membership.

INCLUDES:  All 76 videos from the card counting video course, taking a player from conceptual ideas to practical training to learning how to start a team and last as a card counter.

PLUS: Extras and exclusive footage!


29 Minute eBook

The 29-Minute Card Counting Book :Check out Ben’s  eBook!  The eBook covers everything from basic strategy, to card counting to implementing a bet spread. This will help you in your journey to becoming a great card counter.

2-Personal Training


store_bootcampBOOTCAMP: This is the Holy Grail of Blackjack Training for the best and brightest new crop of card counters. Get personal training from professionals who will make sure you have every skill necessary to beat the game.  Learn More

Reserve Now for $400. To Reserve your spot add “Reserve” to your cart. If you cancel, the deposit will go towards a future bootcamp.


- 1 full day of training, dinner, customized Bet Spread ($299 value),

Private Training

private_training PRIVATE TRAINING:  Sit down face-to-face with Ben or Colin in Las Vegas or even your own living room. Personal Training provides a full day of personalized training including personalized bankroll and betting analysis for your specific situation.  LEARN MORE

INCLUDES: 8 hours of training in and out of casinos, personal test outs, bankroll coaching, and follow up consultation.

Bankroll Coaching

bankroll_coachingBANKROLL COACHING:  We want to help you find your optimal betting strategy.  We will walk you through your specific situation, including bankroll size, risk tolerance, available games, desired $ per hour, and much more.  After the consultation you will receive a personal betting strategy created by us for you tailored to your needs.

INCLUDES: a phone consultation, and personalized bankroll analysis and betting strategy report.

Phone Consultation

phone_consultationPHONE CONSULTATION: Want direct phone access to a professional? Get Colin or Ben on the line to get personalized advice, information, or questions answered.

We promise to be friendly, too.


Lamb T-Shirt

Lamb Proof-BJA-small“Sometimes the Lambs Slaughter the Butcher” – Amarillo Slim We’re proud of the fact that we card counters have turned the tables on the “butchers”. This t-shirt is a top-quality tri-blend “Canvas” shirt. And with no logo, not even the casinos know who you are. (more…)

Strong Men T-Shirt

Strong Men Charcoal - BJA-small“Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect” – Ralph Waldo Emerson 99.99% of people who enter casinos are happy to trust their fate (and lose). We choose to live by a different ethos. This shirt is a top quality tri-blend “Canvas” shirt. Take pride in being part of the minority who use systems over superstition to gain the edge over the casino.