Blackjack Software

The right software is a powerful tool for a card counter.

Below are some of our favorites that help you with your training, recording keeping, and calculating your edge.


Blackjack and Card Counting Software

Blackjack Software

Blackjack Apprenticeship Training Drills

Our web-based drills will help you master basic strategy, card counting, true count conversion, playing deviations, and includes a full game to practice your skills. We are constantly adding improvements and additional training features. Get started with the free version or become a BJA Member to access the Premium Drills.  LEARN MORE



Blackjack training software

Casino Verite Blackjack V5 $90

(CVBJ V5) – This the best blackjack software on the market.  We recommend this to anyone who wants to perfect their card counting skills.   LEARN MORE




Card Counting Trainer App

Blackjack Trainer Pro App.

Card Counting Trainer Pro iPhone/iPad App $2.99

Our simple, yet powerful, Card Counting Trainer iPhone/iPad app will teach you basic strategy, counting, true count conversion, deviations, and let you practice implementing a bet spread. LEARN MORE



Simulation Software

CVCX Card Counting Software

CVCX $85

So you’ve mastered playing blackjack, but you don’t know what to bet, or how different rules and situations effect EV and Risk? CVCX is the best simulation software out there.  Here are some of the things the software includes:  LEARN MORE




Record Keeping Software

As soon as you start hitting the Casinos, you’re going to want to keep accurate results of your sessions. These spreadsheets are the evolution of 10 years of blackjack record keeping for Colin and Ben:


Blackjack SoftwareResults Tracker Pro $14

Keep track of every second you play and every penny you win. Keeps average $/hr as well, charts your progress, and includes a printable results sheet to carry to casinos with you.  This is the same software we have been using for years.   LEARN MORE



Blackjack Team SoftwareTeam Tracker Pro $99

Keep track of sessions, players, and investors for a team of 2 to 100.  Account for money being transferred between players and keep track of how much each player should have at any given moment. Plus much more.  LEARN MORE