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How to Train at Card Counting

So hopefully you’ve taken the first step in your card counting training by starting to watch the Video Course. You’re familiar with the concepts and you’re getting into the mindset of a counter. But what exactly is the best way to TRAIN to be an expert card counter? Thankfully, this is our expertise. We’ve trained scores of people to go from an absolute novice to an EV generating machine. No one becomes excellent at something without a solid training system. We’ve put together a starter course with videos, links to our best content, and stories to help inspire you on your journey!

The Mini-Course Includes:

  • “Understanding How to Think About Card Counting”
  • “Learning How to Memorize Basic Strategy”
  • “Learning How to Play Basic Strategy”
  • “Learning How to Practice the Running Count”
  • “Learning How to Calculate the True Count”


  • Many of our BEST Stories (a $1,500 trick Ben used, Costumes, Explosions, and more!)
  • “How to Know You’re Ready”
  • and “Why People Need More”



7 Responses to “How to Train at Card Counting”

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  2. Rommel says:

    are tax implications covered on your lessons?

  3. Colin says:


    We are not tax advisors. However, if we were to give advice, it would be to pay taxes on whatever you are lawfully responsible to pay taxes for.

  4. Shane says:

    I understand what counting is but don’t understand how you make money as you still don’t know what cards your getting, do your videos tell you when to bet big or low as your keeping the count

  5. Colin says:

    Yeah, there are videos that explain it. Betting is perhaps the most important part. Make sure you understand it before jumping in at a casino!

  6. chris says:

    the casino here has double exposure blackjack. where the player is see the dealers cards and also other players cards. you lose on a push even money for a blackjack..is this game worth playinG?

  7. Colin says:

    There’s an entirely different strategy for double exposure blackjack. I have yet to come across a casino that offers it in a way that’s beatable. It’s possible, but doubtful. Stanford Wong’s book, Professional Blackjack, has a chapter on double exposure blackjack.