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BJA Premium Member Podcast – Kevin Blackwood

Colin and Kevin Blackwood discuss card counting, faith, and fiction.










7 Responses to “BJA Premium Member Podcast – Kevin Blackwood”

  1. Charles says:

    Wow Great Great poscast, I am a huge Kevin Blackwood fan now and for life. He has such a wonderful outlook on life, the Bible and card couting. Colin this one of the best, most heart felt interview You have done. Just a great well rounded person with a very level head on His shoulders. Thanks Colin I loved it.

    Best Charles

  2. FelipeV says:

    Another great podcast Colin! Keep them coming :)

  3. ikae says:

    Would love to have. This book

  4. Uncle Dave says:

    LOVE your podcasts Colin. Great interviewing skills and great interviewee !! Very encouraging info to hear successful folks memories from when they were first starting out, especially with small bankrolls. Constructive Criticism: I want my itunes downloadable podcast. With this site player, I’m not able to pause it halfway thru and run to the bathroom and return and continue. If you pause it, it starts all over at the beginning ( as fascinating as it is… I don’t need to hear it over from the start everytime I pause it ). Hope to get that straightened out for your premium members ( will guilt work in persuading you to get that fixed ? ). Thanks again, Uncle Dave

  5. Colin says:

    Uncle Dave,

    Thanks for the feedback, both positive and “constructive.” We’ll look into a solution ASAP.

  6. mcwonger says:

    Good stuff. I’d like to read the book too. An e-book version would be preferred :) Keep up the strong work Colin!!

  7. slowride says:

    Great podcast, Kevin Blackwood was the 1st book I read when learning blackjack, nice Colin

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