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Colin and Ben have been counting cards for nearly 10 years. It quickly transformed from a hobby to a profession when they teamed up, going on to run a multi-million dollar black jack team. After training dozens of people for their team, they now bring their training to the next generation of card counters through Blackjack Apprenticeship. Whether it’s a hobby or a source of income, the Pros at Blackjack Apprenticeship love teaching others how to master the craft of card counting.

The boys from Blackjack Apprenticeship have been featured in New York Times, CNN, This American Life, and The Colbert Report for taking casinos for millions at blackjack. They are featured in the documentary “Holy Rollers: The True Story of Card Counting Christians.” For a more thorough list of press about the Church Team, visit TheChurchTeam.com.


Both Ben and I have been taking money from the Blackjack tables for a long time now, and we believe we have the skills to train others to do the same. What started out a hobby for us has instead been the most exciting roller coaster ride I could NEVER have imagined.

After finishing college, I thought I’d end up teaching Math classes or maybe going on to get a Masters Degree. But after reading some books and networking with a couple other card counters, I began playing blackjack to supplement my income. In a matter of months, I quit my job, and ever since, I have focused on playing and training others to play blackjack full time.

Professional Blackjack has given me the opportunity to run my own businesses, travel around the country (and the world) and I have had the freedom to work a job AROUND my lifestyle, rather than vice versa. I’m excited about this site, because it enables me to teach others what I have learned through my blackjack career.


I have been card counting for almost 10 years. I love it. It has all of the benefits and thrill of getting in trouble with none of the legal (or moral) consequences. You see, I’m one of those people that like to take things to the edge…and then going one more step. I think that’s what drew me to card counting.

I always wondered what I would be when I grew up and for some reason I never thought I would have a job “in the box.” Well, I don’t. I have spent my “professional” years playing in casinos, running teams, training others to play the game, starting businesses with friends, and traveling the world with my family.

I have written out my entire story about how I went from waiting tables to playing blackjack for a living. It is completely free and you can download here.

“Loudon Ofton”

I’ve got stories to tell, so strap that helmet on and stick close while I take you to the front lines of my fight.

I have been counting cards professionally for the last 7 years, parachuting into casinos all over these United States for nothing less than hand-to-hand combat. No fight is like the next. I am closing in on my millionth dollar taken out of the sniveling clutches of the casinos. Top surveillance brass once hired to stop me have sought me out on occasion to tell me I am among the best at what I do. “Most Notorious,” is a term I have heard bandied about in reference to myself on more than one occasion. But we all know these types can’t be trusted farther than they can be thrown, so let’s agree to strike any such flattery from the record before it gets to our heads. Most Feared Card Counter in the Universe will do just fine, thank you.

Before counting cards I spent time as a journalist, magazine editor, and writer of fictions. I earned a Master’s degree in Theology. It’s good to have God on your side if you plan on rubbing elbows with the devil—likewise the princes of greed in their corporate gaming lairs. I enjoy writing and performing original music. I am an accomplished lawn bowler. My spinach-bacon- tomato omelets are an act of brilliance.


Another Pro from the Church Team, Kinetic once single-handedly closed a six-figure bankroll on a weekend in Southern California. Kinetic has been an invaluable part of both the blackjack team as well as Blackjack Apprenticeship.

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